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Our Story

Our Story

Hi my name is Dan McMullen and I love cooking. Its My Zen and my passion. My Wife is from ChengDu, Sichuan in mainland China. When we got together she introduced me to her family’s style of cooking. I immediately fell in love with the spicing and HEAT of Sichuanese cooking.

On our 1st China trip to meet her family and have some adventures with street food in her home town of ChengDu, I discovered a wonderland of incredible flavors both simple and amazingly complex, all stitched together with 2 common threads…

Dan and Family

MA-LA Pepper Background

MA! (Sichuan red peppercorns often called ‘numbing spice’) and LA, or the local variety of good ‘ol red hot chili peppers. The food vendors all had their own secret concoction of fiery red oils, powders and saucy bliss. I wanted to eat them ALL!!! So… after several trips to China and eating my way through iconic cities like Beijing, Xi’an and of course all over Sichuan Province (ChengDu, LeShan Chongqing and XiChang to name a few)I started to build a flavor profile in my mind.

After each trip I was ever more inspired to not only re-create those flavors that I fell in love with but to concoct our own special recipe for my wife and daughter to have a taste of home (and for the rest of my family) to indulge in! Thus began the journey you are now joining us on.


You will love the spicy HEAT of Sichuanese cooking.