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From the streets of Sichuan
China to Seattle!

China streets

"10 years exploring flavor and spice in the streets of Sichuan China"

I love cooking! Its My Zen and my passion. My Wife is from ChengDu, Sichuan in mainland China. When we got together she introduced me to her family's style of cooking. I immediately fell in love with the spicing and HEAT of Sichuanese cooking.


A medium-hot MaLa chili crisp infused in oil: Tianjin chills ,Facing heaven chilies and with more than a dozen special spices and seasoning bringing ALL the flavor to your food but with enough heat to make your mouth sizzle!

Made in Seattle!



Extra hot MaLa chili condiment. Its an ALL OUT heat assault on your senses...But tasty! Endowed with the same special spices and seasoning as ChengBoom but with Birds Eye chilies. When you bring on the DOOM you have now entered the elite heights of heat.

DanDans Dishes

DanDans Fries

DanDans Fries

You'll need:

1lb baby potatoes 1" or smaller, or cut to size. Reg thin.

2tsp Dandans ChengDoom OR ChengBoom chili oil, Green onion, cilantro, Salt, Cooking oil.

>Preheat oven to bake 475 degress f.
>Toss potatoes in 1tblsp oil, and salt. Let stand 20 min
>Chop cilantro and fine chop green onions. Mix with Dandans sauce and greens.
>Roast potatoes for 25 min till crispy golden.
>Toss potatoes hot into greens and Dandans sauce.


DanDans Papaya
Tart Mango Salad

You'll need:

1lb shredded green papaya (OR 1 LARGE firm mango cut into chopstick sized strips.)

1 lime or 2 small limes
1-2tblsp fish sauce
1tblsp brown sugar or honey
2tsp Dandans ChengBoom or ChengDoom chili oil
Squeeze limes

> Next 2tblsp chopped
> Cilantro or to taste
> Thai basil (or mint, lemon balm etc) to taste
> Shiso to taste
> Chopped peanuts or almonds
> Toss greens and fruit

Mix together, toss dressing into fruit and greens.

You will love the spicy HEAT of Sichuanese cooking.


More to Come!

The food vendors of China all had their own secret concoction of fiery red oil, powers and a saucy bliss. After each trip I was ever more inspired to not only re-create those flavors that I fell in love with but to concoct our own special recipe for my wife and daughter to have a taste of home (and for the rest of my family) to indulge in! Keep in touch to find out what more sauces I have in store!